About Apps4Android, Inc.

Established in January 2009, Apps4Android, Inc. is a social entrepreneurship company. Apps4Android’s primary objective is to facilitate widespread technological changes that enhance the independence, quality of life, and employability of individuals with disabilities. Apps4Android is now the world’s largest developer of Android applications designed in support of individuals with disabilities, with 25+ installations. Apps4Android apps are installed on the [...]

Steve Jacobs Bio

Last updated on June 1, 2022 Steve Jacobs has worked in the high-tech industry since the early ’70s. Steve is President of IDEAL Group, Inc. IDEAL Group is a 2002 spin-off from IDEAL at NCR Corporation where Steve served as President until his retirement at the end of 2002. IDEAL Group and its subsidiaries are all Not Just For [...]

Apps4Android Mobile Apps Developed from 2010-2022

Apps4Android Mobile Apps, Past and Present, by Year (2010-2022)   2017-2022  Developing an audio tour app of various exhibits at Fort Griswold Objective: To make Revolutionary War history come alive with a human-narrated audio tour of various exhibits at Fort Griswold through a smart phone mobile app. The app would also make accessible for individuals [...]

Privacy Policy

This privacy policy covers IDEAL Group, Inc., including its four subsidiary companies that include: Speech2RTT Communications, Inc. Apps4Android, Inc. InftyReader Group, Inc. Knowledge Discovery Solutions, Inc. This policy references IDEAL Group, Inc. (including all of its subsidiary companies), as “IDEAL Group Companies (IGC)”. This policy covers IGC websites, products, and services. This privacy policy describes [...]