iAugcomm Being Made Available to Kids in Colombia

We recently received an e-mail from Victor Certuche telling us that his 11 year-old son Alejandro started a project to donate inexpensive Android phones running iAugcomm, Apps4Android’s Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) application to children with Autism in Colombia.

We were so moved by Victor’s e-mail that we asked for his permission to reprint his words describing Alejandro. They appear immediately beneath my signature.

Note: If anyone wants to provide Alejandro with “no-longer-being-used” Android smartphones in support of his work, please contact me.  We will facilitate getting your devices into Alejandro’s hands.

Steve Jacobs, CEO, Apps4Android, Inc.

Photo of Alejandro holding the last three devices he is sending to Colombia.“Alejandro is a great boy currently in 6th grade at Saint Thomas More in Houston Texas, a good student, loves to play with his Xbox 360 and has a unique ability to connect with people. He can befriend anybody anywhere and is especially kind to kids younger than himself.

He is full of energy and has many things going on in his mind at any point in time. His mother is a dentist. On one occasion Alejandro observed how she and other staff members at her clinic removed gloves from a dispenser and put them on.  Alejandro thought there has to be a better way to handle gloves. He told me that he wanted to create a device that would suck the gloves from inside in a manner that enables the wearer to insert their hands into the gloves without touching the outside of the glove. We are still trying to figure out how to make this work!

Alejandro gets really excited building new things.  Even though he inherited a mild case of ADD from his dad, he finds ways to get things done successfully (using timers, challenges, etc.).  When Alejandro was in kindergarten his teacher pointed out Alejandro’s deep sense of dedication to finishing things he starts. She said, ‘you will need to figure out how to channel his intensity, because he is destined to do great things in the future.’ She was absolutely right.  Every day I marvel at his relentless drive to achieve what he sets his mind to.

My wife and I could not be more proud of Alejandro and Sebastian (Alejandro’s brother). They are more than any parent would dream and we will do whatever it takes to make sure they not only achieve their dreams, but also create new dreams for others to follow.”