How To Migrate From iPhone iOS to Android Without Losing Your Files

By Christian de Looper, Tech Times

Apple may have sold 10 million iPhone 6s in one week, but that doesn’t mean the Android user base is diminishing. In fact, Android phones account for a whopping 84.4 percent of the smartphone market.

For those millions who trade in their iPhone for an Android phone, and are a bit worried about losing revered content, such as photos, contacts and music, here’s a guide to help ensure you don’t lose anything, inclusing your sanity in transitioning from one system to the other.


Transferring music from iTunes to any Android phone is extremely easy. Not only that, but the benefits of using Google Play Music make it worth it.

To transfer music, you simply need to install Google Play Music Manager on your computer, compatible with both Mac and PC. Google Play Music Manager can be found here.

Once Music Manager is installed, you can open it and choose whether you want your entire iTunes library or just certain playlists uploaded, then simply press the “upload” button. You should also check the “automatically upload songs added to iTunes” checkbox, enabling you to continue buying music on iTunes if you wish, after which it is automatically synced with Google Play Music.

You can then stream or download any or all of your songs to your new Android device using the Google Play Music Android app.


Simply download the Google+ Photos app on the iPhone, sign in with a Google account, and select “Auto Backup” from the settings in the iPhone app.

These photos are then all synced to the cloud, after which they can be seen using Google+ Photos on any Android phone.


If you already have your contacts synced with your Google account, viewing contacts on an Android phone is as easy as signing in.

If not, you will have to sync contacts using iCloud. The first step is to ensure that contacts are synced to iCloud from the iPhone. To do this enter “Mail, Contacts, Calendars” from the “Settings” menu, then go to “Accounts.” Select the iCloud option, and ensure that the toggle switch for Contacts is switched on.

Once that’s done, login to your iCloud account from a computer, click on “Contacts” then click on “Select All” from the little wheel in the lower left-hand corner. Then click on that wheel again and select “Export vCard.”

You will then need to login to your Gmail account and select “Contacts” from the “Gmail” dropdown menu in the top left corner. The select the “More” button and choose “Import.” Find the saved vCard that was downloaded from iCloud, and Gmail should display all your contacts, which are automatically synced to your Android device.

Now you have all your music, photos and contacts all synced to your Android device, allowing you to enjoy the full power of Android!