Inaccessible eBook Readers: A Sampling of Articles Highlighting the Issues

  1. Amazon’s Pushing to Put inaccessible Kindle E-books in Schools: IDEAL Group / Apps4Android’s Response
  2. DOJ Targeted Public Library for Lending E-Books ‘Inaccessible’ to the Blind
  3. Make Kindle E-books Accessible
  4. Justice Department Settles with Sacramento, Calif., Public Library Authority Over Inaccessible “E-Reader” Devices
  5. National Federation of the Blind to Protest Outside Amazon Headquarters Over Push to Put Kindles in Schools
  6. Joint “Dear Colleague” Letter: Electronic Book Readers
    U.S. Department of Justice: Civil Rights Division
    U.S. Department of Education: Office for Civil Rights
  7. National Federation of the Blind Condemns Amazon’s Push to Put Kindle E-books in Schools
  8. The National Federation of the Blind Seeks to Stop Distribution of Inaccessible Kindles Abroad
  9. Amazon’s Kindle Format 8 Snubs the EPUB 3 Party
  10. NFB Condemns Lack of Access to New Kindle Fire
  11. Blind Students Sue Florida State University over Inaccessible Math Courses
  12. Reading Rights Coalition challenges pilot program at Texas A&M based on inaccessible Barnes & Noble NookStudy E-textbook Reading System
  13. U.S. Attorney General re “inaccessible electronic readers”
  14. E-book accessibility issues inclued in “Achieving the Promise of the Americans with Disabilities Act in the Digital Age – Current Issues, Challenges, and Opportunities”
  15. DOJ Reaches 3 Settlements re Use of Electronic Book Readers (attachments)
  16. Two Major Publishers To Hold Back E-Books