Best 10 Android Apps for the Visually Impaired

Android is a resourceful invention of technology that also includes certain applications that help visually impaired and blind people in functioning. In this article we will discuss some of these applications.

1. Ideal Accessibility Installer

This application is also called Platform Access Installer. It contains different packages such as KickBack, TalkBack, and SoundBack (TKS) applications for visually impaired and blind people. These applications add audible, vibration and spoken feedback to Android devices. After you have installed the application, go to Settings, Accessibility and check the applications that you want.

2. ScanLife Barcode and QR Reader

Visually impaired people can also benefit from a miraculous application called ScanLife Barcode and QR Reader integrated in this technology. The user only needs to click a picture and the application does the rest of the magic. The app can read QR and UPC codes. After the codes are scanned, the application starts reading the embedded string as QR codes.

3. Magnify

This application helps visually impaired individuals read tiny prints. To get the best results, keep the phone at least four inches away from the material to be read. You can also turn the flashlight on or off manually to save battery. The app also supports features such as double tap to zoom in and out, long press to turn lights on and off, and single tap to maintain focus.

4. Talk Back

This application is a part of Google’s Android Accessibility Service. It is developed to assistvisually impaired people to use their cell phones easily.  The application also reads out the texts loud, while the movements of the user are carefully evaluated and spoken by the app. In order to enable this app, go to Settings, Accessibility, and enable TalkBack service.

5. Messagease Keyboard

With this application, users can type messages quickly by using one finger or one hand only. There is no problem such as AutoCorrect. The key board has large size fonts so users can see them easily. You can change the colors, use Swype gesture, search through dictionaries, change keyboard layout, haptic feedback, shape, size, and many other features of the application.

6. Font Installer Root

This application helps people install innumerable fonts into their cell phones for better reading. Make sure that your device has root access so the application works properly. Users can change the font any time they want as well as enlarge them as they want. The chosen font works for all applications.

7. Ultra Magnifier +

This application helps users get better vision of anything on your phone. To get best results, put the device at least 10 cm away from the object. This application works best with cell phones that do not have locked Camera API’s. Users can also change scenes of objects and also select form sepia, solarized effects, negative color, aqua and mono Ciba Vision Air Optix Aqua.

8. Walky Talky

This application in the Android phones is developed for visually impaired and blind people to walk easily. The application has a navigation aid to help people walk through the streets. Users receive instant updates on current location as the application includes a compass to point directions. If users go off track, the application will vibrate automatically to indicate about it.

9. Classic Text To Speech Engine

The SVOX mobile Voices has developed an application called Classic Text to Speech Engine to help visually impaired people. This application is an integration of more than forty female and male voices to read out users’ texts, translations, e-books and even navigation. It also reads PDF documents, e-books, as well as helps with pronunciation.

10. NoLED

The application displays custom notification dots or icons over the screen so the user can know immediately that there’s a notification. Users can receive notifications regarding voice messages, text messages, GoogleTalk notifications, missed calls, calendar events, emails, charging activities and third party applications Ciba Vision Air Optix Aqua.

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