IDEAL Web Reader Browser Gesture and Keyboard Navigation Commands

Link to IDEAL Web Reader on Google Play

Important notes:

  1. We highly recommend printing out the following instructions as a reference guide before trying to use IDEAL Web Reader.
  2. Holding down the Shift Key, while pressing a navigation key, moves you backwards on element;

Reading mode:

  • Reading Mode is a “toggle switch” activated/deactivated by a bottom-left to top-right screen swipe.
  • Reading Mode must be deactivated in order to enter text in edit fields.

Reading mode activated:

Down Arrow = Read next chunk;
Up Arrow = Read previous chunk;
Left Arrow = Decrease granularity;
Right Arrow = Increase granularity;

Reading mode deactivated:

Down Arrow = Move down one element;
Up Arrow = Move up one element;
Left Arrow = Move left one element;
Right Arrow: Move right one element;

Navigation Shortcut Keys:

1 = Next Level 1 Heading;
2 = Next Level 2 Heading;
3 = Next Level 3 Heading;
4 = Next Level 4 Heading;
5 = Next Level 5 Heading;
B = Next Button;
C = Next Combo box;
E = Next Editable Text Area;
F = Next Form Field;
G = Next Graphic;
H = Next Heading (Level Independent);
I = Next List/ List Item;
L = Next Link;
Q = Next Block Quote;
R = Next Radio button;
S = Next Slider;
T = Next Table;
X = Next Checkbox;
Enter = Invoke Action;

Reading Granularity Shortcut Keys:

9 = Group;
8 = Sentence;
7 = Word;
6 = Character;

Text-to-Speech Settings Shortcut Keys:

J = Read Next Chunk;
K = Read Previous Chunk;
M = Read Continuously;
Tap Screen = Stop Reading;


Swipe: bottom-left to top-right;
Action Invoked: Keyboard Commands On and Off (Reading Mode);

Swipe: left to right;
Action Invoked: Read Next;

Swipe: right to left;
Action Invoked: Read Previous;

Swipe: top to bottom;
Action Invoked: Increase Granularity;

Swipe: bottom to top;
Action Invoked: Decrease Granularity;

Swipe: bottom-right to upper left;
Action Invoked: Add Bookmark;

Swipe: upper-right to bottom-left;
Action Invoked: Read from Cursor;

Swipe: upper-left to bottom-right;
Action Invoked: Act on Current Element;

Touch Actions:

Action: Touch the screen;
Action Invoked: Pass Link to Application (useful for downloading and running files);