IDEAL ePub Reader Beta, a Speech-Enabled Version of Cool Reader

Objective of this Project:

The objective of this project was to enhance an existing ePub Reader, as a stop-gap measure only, in a manner that makes it as accessible as technically possible to individuals with print disabilities.

We opted to modify Cool Reader by Vadim Lopatin. Here is the Android Market listing for Cool Reader: Here is the home page for Cool Reader:

Important notes from IDEAL Apps4Android Development Team:

  • We did not develop Cool Reader. We only made it as accessible as possible without modifying the underlying code.
  • We are going to provide all of our source code to Vladim Lopatin.  We hope that he will be motivated to either: 1. Incorporate our code as a permanent part of Cool Reader; or, 2. Enhance the accessibility of Cool Reader to the point where our ePub Reader Beta is no longer needed.
  • IDEAL ePub Reader (Cool Reader) is not configurable out of the box by individuals who are blind unless they are using an Android device equipped with a physical keyboard.
  • It is our intention to develop a DAISY 4/EPUB 3 compatible reader from the ground up in 2012.
  • If you find IDEAL ePub Reader useful, we would appreciate your reflecting this in your comments and ratings. High ratings often serve as a magnet for attracting additional funding to develop better, more advanced, apps.

Here are the key assignments we used to test IDEAL ePub Reader before releasing it to market:

Shortcut Key Action
Left: Previous Page
Left (long press): First Page
Left (double press): Go To Page
Right: Next Page
Right (long press): Last Page
Right (double press): Open File
Up: Read Previous
Up (long press): Options
Up (double press): Exit
Down: Read Next
Down (long press): Stop
Down (double press): Auto Read
Back: Table of Contents
Back (long press): Night Mode
Back (double press): TTS Settings
Menu: Reader Menu
Menu (long press): Increase Font Size
Menu (double press): Decrease Font Size
Search: Search
Search (long press): Cycle Read Modes
Search (double press): Bookmarks
Center: (No Action)
Center (long press): (No Action)
Center (double press): (No Action)
Volume Up (No Action)
Volume Up (long press): (No Action)
Volume Up (double press): (No Action)
Volume Down (No Action)
Volume Down (long press): (No Action)
Volume Down (double press): (No Action)
Camera (No Action)
Camera (long press): (No Action)
Camera (double press): (No Action)