IDEAL ePub Creator

IDEAL ePub Creator is a high-quality utility for converting your  DOC, DOCX and PDF documents to ePubs.

ePub, short for “Electronic publication”, is a popular e-book format, designed specially for display on mobile devices. ePub books can be easily optimized for reading on your mobile device, and further, to your personal preferences. You will love reading with ePub format!

How to convert documents using IDEAL ePub Creator:

  1. Open IDEAL ePub Creator
  2. Select a PDF, DOC, or DOCX file from your smart device, the web or your e-mail
  3. Click on the “Convert” button.

Your file will then be uploaded to our servers and converted into an ePub format. The conversion process is usually quick.  Once converted, the ePub file will be downloaded to your smart device. The ePub file will then be stored in the same directory as that of the original file. You may change this default by clicking on Menu -> Options.

Reading your ePub file:

You will need a good ePub reader to read the ePub files. If you don’t have one on your device, the app will instruct you to download one from Android Market.

Preview your ePub file:
You can preview your ePub file from within IDEAL ePub Creator. The file will be opened as HTML in the default web-browser installed on your Android device.

Free Trial and Purchase Options:
The trial version of IDEAL ePub Convertor enables users to convert five documents, or a total of 1,000 pages, (whichever comes first) into ePub files.  After the trial period the first 10 pages of all documents may be converted to ePub format at no cost.  For conversions beyond those described above, you will need to purchase one a subscription pack.  They are as follows:

One-Day (24 hour) Voucher: $1.99 USD

  • Valid for 24 hours from purchase
  • Convert up to 20 documents, up to 300 pages each

One -Month (30 day) Voucher: $5.99 USD

  • Valid for 30 days from date of puchase
  • Converts up to 80 documents with no page limit per document

Important Notes:

  • An active Mobile Internet connection is required to operate the app.
  • While we take every care to protect your privacy and data security, we are using a standard HTTP connection to transfer files. This connection does not guarantee security of data. Users should avoid converting confidential, and/or sensitive data using this service.