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Google I/O 2013 – Advancing Web Accessibility with ChromeVox

Charles Chen, David Tseng, Volker Sorge  Comprehending and navigating complex web pages is difficult already for readers with perfect eyesight, but much harder when relying on speech rendering only. The ChromeVox screen reader is specifically built to handle modern web content in all its richness. ChromeVox is Javascript-based and makes it easy for developers to [...]


ChromeVox for Pre-Ice Cream Sandwich Version of Android! (updated on October 1, 2011)

Introduction: Apps4Android is porting ChromeVox to Android and modifying it to run on pre-Ice Cream Sandwich versions of Android! This is a description of our project. During Google I/O 2011, Google unveiled ChromeVox – a built-in screen reader for Chrome OS. The version unveiled was an early developer beta that was designed to help authors [...]