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603 Devices Support by Apps4Android Application Manifest Settings (as of August 14, 2011)

Apps4Android Application Manifest Settings Support the following 603 Android devices as of August 14, 2011: Acer A100(vangogh) Acer E120(K2) Acer E130(K3) Acer E140(k4) Acer E210(k5) Acer E310(c4) Acer Liquid Metal(a4) Acer Liquid(a1) Acer Picasso(picasso) Acer Picasso(ventana) Acer S300(a5) Acer Stream(a3) Asus Eee Pad(EeePad) Asus Garmin-Asus A10(a10) Asus Garmin-Asus A50(a50) Asus Slider SL101(SL101) Asus Transformer TF101(TF101) [...]