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IDEAL ePub Reader Beta, a Speech-Enabled Version of Cool Reader

Objective of this Project: The objective of this project was to enhance an existing ePub Reader, as a stop-gap measure only, in a manner that makes it as accessible as technically possible to individuals with print disabilities. We opted to modify Cool Reader by Vadim Lopatin. Here is the Android Market listing for Cool Reader: [...]


CoolReader Accessibility Enhancement Project Home Page (Updated on August 18, 2011)

Thanks to the following organizations and individuals, we were able to develop a TTS-enabled version of CoolReader! 1. The Ohio Board of Regents; 2. The Ohio Rehabilitation Services Commission; 3. Vadim Lopatin, the developer of CoolReader; Thanks to Vadim’s dedication to making CoolReader the best eBook reader on Android market, we were able to build [...]


Beta CoolReader Project Documents (last updated on June 28, 2011)

Beta CoolReader Project Documents: Note: Please honor Ohio State University’s Copyright notices on the following documents. Guidelines for Reading Navigation Features last updated on June 21, 2011 Text-To-Speech Design Guidelines last updated on June 21, 2011 Tap Zone Actions Design Guidelines last updated on June 21, 2011 Design Guidelines for Key Operations last updated on [...]