Android P Support and Release Notes

Two primary support channels are available to you when developing and testing with the Android P Developer Preview: Please file bugs at device-specific, system, and Google App bugs. For issues in other apps, please contact the developer directly. To discuss issues or ideas with other developers working with Android P Developer Preview, join the Developer Preview [...]

Android P Restrictions on non-SDK interfaces

Android P introduces new restrictions on the use of non-SDK interfaces, whether directly, via reflection, or via JNI. These restrictions are applied whenever an app references a non-SDK interface or attempts to obtain its handle using reflection or JNI. For more information about this decision, see Improving Stability by Reducing Usage of non-SDK Interfaces. In [...]

Android P Legacy Testing Libraries

Android P has reorganized the JUnit-based classes into three libraries: android.test.base, android.test.runner, and android.test.mock. For details about which classes appear in each library, see the Class reorganization details section.

Android P Security Behavior Changes

Android P introduces a number of behavior changes that enhance the security of your app and the devices that run them. This page describes the platform changes that are most important for third-party app developers to keep in mind.

Android P Behavior Changes

Android P introduces a number of changes to the Android system. Most of these changes affect all apps, regardless of what version of Android they target. However, several changes only affect apps targeting Android P. To maximize clarity, this page is divided into two sections: Apps targeting all API levels and Apps targeting Android P.

Android P Autofill Framework

Android makes filling forms in apps easier thanks to the autofill framework introduced in Android 8.0 (API level 26). Android P provides improvements that autofill services can implement to further enhance the user experience.

Android P Security Updates

Android P introduces a number of new features that enhance the security of your app and the devices that run them. This page describes the changes that are most important for third-party app developers to keep in mind.

Android P Features and APIs

Android P introduces great new features and capabilities for users and developers. This document highlights what’s new for developers. To learn about the new APIs, read the API diff report or visit the the Android API reference — new APIs are highlighted to make them easy to see. Also be sure to check out Android P [...]

Migrating Apps to Android P

Android P (API level P) introduces behavior changes as well as new features and APIs that you can take advantage of in your apps. This document gives you an overview of the steps to migrate your apps to Android P across two key phases: Ensure compatibility with Android P Verify that your app is fully [...]

Set Up the Android P SDK and Emulator

Android P is the next big release for the Android platform and it includes some behavior changes that affect all apps, regardless of what version you set for the targetSdkVersion. To ensure your app looks and behaves its best on Android P, follow the instructions on this page to build and run your app with [...]

Get Android P

Welcome to the Android P Developer Preview! From this page you can download system images for Pixel devices that you can use for testing your app. If you don’t have a Pixel device, just use the Android Emulator to test your app and explore Android P. To get started with a Pixel device, download a [...]

Android P Developer Preview

Welcome to the Android P Developer Preview, a program that gives you everything you need to make your apps compatible and build for the next version of Android. It’s free, and you can get started right away just by downloading the Preview tools. Hardware and emulator system images Run and test your apps on Pixel, Pixel [...]

The best of Android and Google with Android Oreo (Go edition) and Android One

Monday kicks off Mobile World Congress in Barcelona—the mobile industry’s largest trade show. Our partners will be announcing amazing new Android devices, you’ll be able to see the growing industry momentum around RCS, and we’ll be showcasing the latest from Google including Google Assistant and Lens. Before the show gets underway, I want to take [...]

Winter Games style guide distributed by AP

The AP Standards Center today issued the following advisory to editors at our member news organizations. To help with spellings and usage in coverage of the Sochi Winter Olympics, The Associated Press compiled an editorial style guide of essential terms, spellings and definitions. Some terms are from the AP Stylebook: Others are used in AP [...]

Easy Access to Official, and Accurate, Trump White House Presidential Documents

For Immediate Release HILLIARD, Ohio – February 21, 2017 – Apps4Android, the world’s largest developer of mobile accessibility apps today announced the release of a new free Android app called, “Trump Presidential Documents (TPD).” TPD was designed to make it easy for everyone, including people with print disabilities, to keep pace with, and read, President [...]

Nokia-branded Android phones could launch this year

Source: July 18, 2016 by Lance Whitney @lancewhit Hey, if Pokemon can make a comeback, maybe Nokia can too. A Nokia fan site reports high-end Nokia phones equipped with Android Nougat are set to debut around next winter. The Nokia name may get to live on with at least a couple of high-end phones reportedly set [...]

Google launches final Android Nougat Developer Preview

Source: By Lucia Maffei (@maffei_lucia) Google today released the fifth and last preview Android Nougat before the scheduled final release later this summer. According to the company, this preview includes the latest version of the Android Nougat emulator to do apps final testing, the final N APIs, the latest system behaviors and UI and the latest bug fixes and [...]

All about Android Accessibility Scanner!

1.0 Get started with Accessibility Scanner When you design and develop an Android app, Accessibility Scanner can help you identify opportunities to improve your app for users. Accessibility Scanner scans your screen and provides suggestions to improve the accessibility of your app, based on the following: Content labels Touch target size Clickable items Text and [...]

The only way to get Google’s awesome new app that lets you control your phone by voice

By Zach Epstein Apple has always been a market leader when it comes to mobile accessibility features for people with disabilities. And of course as anyone who follows all of our coverage of cool hidden iPhone features knows, accessibility options also provide useful functionality to people without disabilities. While Apple is still the leader in [...]

The 50 Essential Products That Could Help People With Disabilities

  By Lyndal Rowlands UNITED NATIONS, Jun 15 2016 (IPS) - Wheelchairs, hearing aids, white canes and braille typewriters are just some of the products that help people with disabilities to participate fully in everyday life.   Yet for many people with disabilities in developing countries many of the most useful products are simply beyond reach. To help more [...]